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What are the main uses of pickling coils


You may know more about steel plates, but you may not know much about pickling coils. Let me tell you about the so-called pickling, which is actually the process of removing scale on the surface of steel. So what are the main uses of pickling coils?

First of all, in the automotive industry, pickled coils can be used in the chassis, wheels, filters, hinged cabs, compartment panels, etc., as well as some stamping parts, etc. .

Let me talk about it again in the machinery industry, mainly in some general machinery such as mining machinery, windmills and textile machinery, mainly due to the high surface finish and good surface quality.

Then I will talk about the light industrial home appliance industry. The shells of home appliances, including the shells of some compressors, brackets, water heater inner tanks, etc., are also common for chemical children, mainly because the pickled coils are easy to weld and paint.

Such as bicycles, motorcycles and other industries are also widely used


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