Various Standard and non-standard specifications are both available as customers request

Galvanized Steel Strip

Galvanized steel strips are cold rolled or hot rolled, long and narrow long steel sheets plated to varying degrees with a layer of raw materials called (zinc, aluminum).  


Cold Rolled Steel Strip

Cold-rolled steel strip refers to hot-rolled strip and plate as raw materials, rolled into strips and sheets by cold rolling mill at room temperature. The general thickness is 0.1~3mm and the width is 100~2000mm. cold rolled strips or sheets have the advantages of good surface finish, good flatness, high dimensional accuracy and good mechanical properties. Usually the products are in rolls, and a large part of them are processed into coated steel sheets.


Hot Rolled Steel Strip

Hot rolled steel strip refers to strips and plates produced by hot rolling. The general thickness is 1.2~8mm. the width of the strip below 600mm is called narrow strip, and the width above 600mm is wide strip.



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