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Car Beam Plate

The girder is the main load-bearing component of the truck, which almost carries the entire weight of the goods. The quality of the girder affects the service life and driving safety of the whole vehicle. The manufacturing of automobile girder generally adopts the stamping and forming process, and its deformation mode is mainly bending, so the girder Plates have high requirements on formability, that is, automobile girder steel plates must have good comprehensive properties, sufficient strength and toughness, good fatigue resistance and cold formability. With the development of the automobile industry, high-strength steel sheets that reduce weight and improve safety, and new products with excellent strength and formability are the main body of demand and development direction for automobile sheets. In order to improve the bearing capacity of automobiles, prolong the service life of automobiles and meet the requirements of energy saving, material saving and safe driving, the production of automobile beams with low-alloy high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel plates has become the current development trend of automobile beam steel.



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